Monday, July 24, 2006

nikon d70 lesson 1

Nikon d70 and Nikon D70S owners, you are in for a treat! This is the spot for you to gather up free knowledge, that is all about the nikon d70 and the nikon Nikon D70S ! I will write about operatons, tips, advice, attachments, and just about anything else you ask me to.

Today I would love to flash you some news. Well, news about the cameras flash unit. This built in flash looks tiny, but it packs a punch, and its intensity can be raised or lowered, to suit your needs! First, lets get our cameras set up, and ready for this demo. Turn on your Nikon d70, and put it into manual mode (the "M" on the MODE dial), and be sure to push the flash button on the side of the camera. This button looks like a streak of lightning is painted on it. This will make the flash pop up out of its cradle.

Now, if you push the shutter release button down about half way it will auto focus, or atleast it will light up the readings in the view finder. If you hold down the same flash button, and at the same time turn the command dial at your thumb (on the back upper right side) you will see the flash modes change in the view window, which is on top of the camera.

These modes of flash are red eye removal, rear curtain sink, and manual. Manual flash is simply just the flash logo, and nothing else. This is the setting we are going to put it on for this demo, of the Nikon D70S lesson.

Now, if you hold down the flash button, and turn the dial on the front upper right side of the Nikon d 70 camera, you will see the numbers in the upper view finder going up or down, depending on the direction that you turn the dial. This is your flash intensity setting! Full flash is 1, and it goes down in power to the negitive 3 power. Set it on 1 and take a shot of your computer, then another with the power all the way down. Quite a difference eh? To learn all about the flash menues, check out the "digital ttl camera, free training" blog, in the Google blog search. This is mine also, so feel free to click around if you want!


  • This is amazing - all this time I've been cursing the flash every time it showed up distroying my nice picture with is horrible blue light.
    Now I think I'll even start to appreciate the flash.
    Thank you for sharring!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:57 AM  

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